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Stylus Architects

Stylus Architects (previously known as Newrose Architects) was founded in 2011 and was re-branded as Stylus Architects in 2017.

Stylus Architects is a fully chartered RIBA architecture practice that works on a number of different projects in different sectors, with differing scales and budgets.  Whichever project we work on we strive for excellence in all aspects of the design.



We approach every project with the same level of scrutiny and methodical design rigor. The attention that we pay to detail is crucial to our methodology, and we attach the same importance to every single project, whatever size or scale. We believe that any development should improve and enhance what already exists, whether this be a green field site or refurbishment of an existing building. We review the vernacular architecture of the area in order to create designs that are unique and bespoke to each individual site. Our ethos is to produce dramatic spaces that blend seamlessly with the surroundings and to provide areas that inspire the user. We believe that buildings should connect with their environment, and that the lines between inside and outside spaces flow into one another. We believe in design that will stand the test of time, not simply the fashion of the moment. The best buildings will be judged over a longer period and will be admired and utilised many years after their inception.

Our Passion and Approach

  • Creating inspirational spaces;
  • A culture of collaboration;
  • Manipulating light (both natural and artificial);
  • Challenging the client’s brief where we can see improvement and/or potential;
  • Not being welded to one given style, but appreciating every site as unique in its context;
  • Creating spaces that communicate with the inside and the out, blurring the boundary between the two;
  • Paying meticulous attention to detail;
  • Creating spaces that adapt to the users requirements;
  • Connecting the built environment with natural environment;
  • Creating energy efficient buildings;


We aspire to help all our clients explore their aspirations. Part of our creative process involves challenging preconceptions and assumptions in order to produce the best designs. Effective communication with our clients, contractors and suppliers is crucial to our approach and is a key part of the success of the projects on which we work. We strive to foster a team approach where ideas can be discussed and explored openly, enabling the best possible results.


Our love for the planet is a major consideration in each of our designs. We want to protect the earth and believe that it is our responsibility to produce buildings that reduce the impact on it. We seek to do this in practical and economic ways, going beyond the exercise of plugging renewable technology onto the facade of a building. If we are to be truly sustainable, a holistic design approach is required from the outset. The orientation, material use of natural light and future-proofing are all key sustainable considerations.




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