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Eastcote cricket club approached Stylus Architects with a limited budget, to design a brand-new changing room facility within the grounds. The client desired a traditional take on a cricket pavilion. With this mind, Stylus Architects set about designing a cricket pavilion that included a covered canopy for spectators along with a central entrance-way framed by a traditional timber gable for the changing rooms. The entire construction utilised only timber to avoid multiple trades onsite which helped to keep within budget. Stylus Architects created a design feature by introducing a panelised system to the façade. This allowed natural daylight into the changing rooms without having to use expensive glass. Slats at regular centres made up each panel, some with glass behind others timber. The slats protected the glass behind from any stray cricket balls while also providing privacy and natural daylight to the changing rooms. The building was opened by the local MP who commented ‘how tasteful and respectful the design was to the local area and the community’.





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