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The plight of the traditional English pub is well documented, but it is a tradition that should be protected. The aim of this project was to create the 21st century vision of the traditional English pub. Stylus Architects set about researching all the things that make the traditional English pub and retained those elements the project proposals.

One of the key elements was creating a sense of community by incorporating a bar that was visible from all areas of the public space. An obvious element in any pub is beer and Stylus Architects accentuated this element using timber barrels to frame the bar area. The beer barrelLed theme was continued in the seating and many of the floors and walls were cladded in timber. Exposed

brickwork was used to highlight the older elements of the building. Floating pendant lighting above, allows different moods to be set by manipulating the amount of light and its intensity.

Working within the existing footprint, Stylus Architects vision included creating a space for open entertainment. By removing walls and painting others in like colours this created a more open and airier feel. Creating different uses better utilises the space while still welcoming the more traditional evening punter.





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