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Extending the rear gable two storey’s using reclaimed London stock brick was part of the design for this Victorian house in Kew. The design ties into the vernacular style of the property and becomes the dominant feature at the rear of the building.

On the ground, a recessed glass box carves through the brick façade without distracting from the main brick building. Proportionally, the building is divided into seven equal panels that are either void, brick or glass. This is expressed most notably on the ground floor. The geometrical language is carried though into the garden. The brick planters align with the panelised elements creating a sensitive and well-proportioned design.

Internally, the client wanted a modern open plan feel. Within this space were three key areas which were all tied together with the use of colour and finish. The areas are separated using furniture and a light raft, which subtlety gives each space a different feel. The master bedroom faces out onto the rear garden and benefits from a double sash window as well as a mezzanine level that has a triangular ridge window.






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