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Mallow House is a detached property which was originally constructed in the early part of the 20th century. Stylus Architects designs include a part single storey and part two storey extension to the rear of the property, along with a complete space plan for all floors with a review of the full exterior fenestration.

The main space encompasses a large open kitchen and dining area, with a full width slot roof light to maximise natural daylight. The space has level access onto a new patio which allows it to be completely opened to the garden. This versatility of design is carried throughout, where many spaces have the ability of multi-functional activity. The living area incorporates a full width joinery unit creating a library effect. The dining area is centered below a square roof light which visually communicates with the rest of the building, allowing the visitor to know they are part of something bigger.

The rest of the house includes more snug living spaces with a new master bedroom, dressing room and ensuite. The new loft conversion has access through a separate entrance creating a self-contained apartment for the live-in nanny.

The exterior combines the traditional style of the existing building with inserted modern elements such as the ground floor full width duel aspect glazed façade. The combination of these two styles is an English heritage approved method of design language, as the modern elements distinguish themselves from the old existing fabric. Stylus Architects have also recessed the glazing, allowing the more traditional elements to dominate the façade.





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