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Located in a small village in Hertfordshire, this house has been designed around the conceptual style of a modern barn. Primary consideration when designing this home was given to the way the building interacts with its surroundings.

When driving up the new access road to the rear of the property, attention is drawn to the striking cantilevered gable over the glass box forming the entrance. Inside the building the dramatic floating stairwell combines a mixture of concrete and metal giving the appearance of a solid structure that is lightly formed in its space.

The client wanted versatile spaces, this was achieved by leaving the ground floor spaces open plan with the option of segregating certain areas through secret pocket doors. On the first floor each room benefits from a vaulted ceiling, exposing the timber structure of glulam beams that are sandwiched between steel flitch plates and countersunk stainless-steel bolted connections. 

Externally the palate of materials has been kept simple to match the surrounding buildings. Planar glass and metal tied together with a slate roof and a mixture of red bricks were used. The main living spaces are open to the most spectacular views of the moat, enticing you out into the garden and the landscape beyond.





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